Notary Signing

If you are required to sign the document you need it Notarised then the document must be signed in the presence of the Notary, do not sign the document, and then send it to us. We will not be able to assist. If you do need a signature, then for our notary to assist you, you must bring along your ID or Passport.

Message Us for further details or to discuss your specific document legalisation requirements.

Notarising a Document

In order to Notarise a document a Notary Public will attach a Notary certificate which is then bound and sealed with a ribbon to confirm the document has been notarised. If not attending our Notary’s office, in order to Notarise a document, the document must be sent to us by courier, we recommend you upload a scan of the document first using the facility incorporated in the online form so that we may advise you on the exact requirements. If you have any doubt about the level of service and what you need in order for us to arrange a Notary stamp don’t hesitate to call us.

Notary Fees

Notarial Fees do vary and depend on the service level required. Some documents need urgent attention others may need to be additionally legalised by DIRCO, High Court or an Embassy. As with our Notary, many of the Embassies are based in or around Arcadia, Pretoria. As such we can additionally arrange for embassy certification if required.

Notarised Documents

There are many different types of documents that can be notarised. We recommend all original documentation be sent to us by either a tracked Courier Service or via POSTNET. When we return your fully notarised documents we will also adhere to this policy. We always obtain a tracking reference, but we cannot be held responsible if a tracked document goes astray. We do charge small fee for arranging Couriers. Should you wish to us arrange a Courier for the return of Notarised documentation and legalised documents please advise us accordingly.

On prior request, we scan documents before sending them as proof that the process of Notarisation has been completed. Unless you have discussed any different arrangements with us directly, all documents which require a Notary Stamp, an Apostille, a Translation or Embassy legalisation should be sent to us at Louwrens Koen Attorneys, Second Floor, Northern Pavilion, Loftus Versveld Stadium, 416 Kirkness Street, Arcadia, Pretoria, South Africa. For Attention: Ms Hanelie De Beer. If you have any doubt, then please call us on 087 0010 733 or message us.

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Need one or more documents legalised Internationally?

Our expertise in the legalisation of different documentation across a wide range of countries, we can offer international legalisation services.


The process

The notarisation process will depend on different factors such as what the document is and if it needs to sign in any particular way or if it needs to be legalised for international use. The first step would be to call us on 087 0010 733, message us using the online form or pop into our office. We will review your request, scrutinize the documents you need help with, and advise on the best course of action. Once finalised we will provide you with a quote and schedule an appointment if needed or immediately assist.

At the appointment, we will ask you to complete our Client Registration Form, and we will conduct any necessary ID requirement checks. Our ID requirements page has more information on what you may need to bring.

Next, we will notarise your documents whilst you wait.

Appointments typically take between 15-30 minutes. Finally, we will take payment, provide you with your notarised documents, and email you a scan for your records if needed. If you are using our Apostille or Consular legalisation services, you will leave your documents with us and we will notify you once those services have been completed.

Documents we regularly notarise or legalise

We notarise many types of documents and can provide different types of certifications to meet your needs. The most popular documents we see regularly notarise or legalise. If your document is not listed and you are unsure if we can help, message us and we will be happy to confirm.

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Affidavits
  • Birth Certificates
  • Company Incorporation Documentation
  • Death Certificate
  • College diploma
  • Declarations
  • Close Corporation Documentation
  • Divorce Order and Settlement Agreement
  • Doctor, Dentist applications for overseas appointments
  • Health Certificate
  • HPCSA applications in South-Africa
  • Land Transfer and Mortgage documents for transactions outside SA borders
  • Letters of No Impediment
  • Notarised copy of Passport, Driver's License and other identity documents
  • Marital status documents
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Matric Certificate
  • Notarised Copies of the Document
  • Permission for a minor child to travel with one parent or unattended
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Powers of Attorney
  • School certificate
  • Technicon Diploma
  • University degrees

Still have questions?

We know that everyone's situation is unique and may have different notary services or document legalisation needs. Our document legalisation specialists will work closely with you to ensure that all documents receive the proper certification that is required for the relevant country and situation. If you would like to clarify the process on your documents or have any special requests, please message us

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