We can assist you to Apostille your Academic Qualifications. Comprehensive document legalisation service of all academic qualifications (degree, transcripts, diplomas, trade certificates, matric, school records).

Academic Qualifications - Legalised by means of (Apostille, Authenticate & Embassy Attestation). imageAcademic Qualifications - Legalised by means of (Apostille, Authenticate & Embassy Attestation). image
Degree certificates are legalised when you need to provide evidence of your qualifications to a person or organisation in another country. Applying for a job in another country often requires the legalisation of your degree certificate or other qualifications.

We can legalise all academic documents from Diploma's, Degrees to a PHD. We can also legalise professional or vocational training documents. Our fully inclusive service will ensure your document is legalised quickly and correctly.

In many circumstances we can include your transcript and other certificates by collating documents into sets. This can save you money if you have many documents that need to be used in one country. It is common practice to legalise a copy of a degree certificate (please see the below notes regarding how we make a certified copy).

Legalising a qualification document with an apostille permanently marks the document so where possible we recommend we produce a certified copy. If you are not sure if a certified copy of your document can be issued with the apostille we recommend that you contact the authority requesting the apostille from you. Some countries ask for all academic documents to be processed as originals.

For us to make a certified copy of a degree certificate, we must either see the original degree certificate in our office or we must contact the issuing university to verify the copy is legitimate. Verifying a degree certificate, we have not seen the original adds additional time and cost to the processing of the document.

For advice on issuing your university or college documents with the apostille, do not hesitate to contact us. We can legalise many different types of academic and training certificates just so long as they have been legitimately issued in the South-Africa by a recognised source or organization.

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