Will other fees apply in addition to the notary fees?

Yes. Other fees shall apply for payment of:

  • 1. Postage or courier fees
  • 2. No Fees payable to DIRCO or High Court
  • 3. Consular fees to the relevant embassy or consulate
  • 4. Additional legalisation requirements may be required in the country of use.

In order to give you a free estimate, many things need to be considered such as:

  • 1. Urgency requirements
  • 2. Drafting requirements
  • 3. Level of legalisation required
  • 4. Varying consular fees are payable to the relevant consulate or embassy.

Once we have received your inquiry, we shall be able to give you an estimate of the total fees and disbursements required for the legalisation of your documents.

Note that we shall also endeavour to give you an estimate of the additional legalisation requirements that may be required in the country of use. However, this will only be a rough estimate at best, as different countries have different requirements which are subject to frequent change. Although, you may find in many circumstances that the person, organisation, or government authority requiring the document may agree to bear the costs of further legalisation required in that country.

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