Do the Notary Attesting Signature need to be conversant in the language of the document?

We may not be conversant with the language contained in your document but our Notary is able to assist you with foreign language documents provided that you can show evidence that you understand the content of the document.    When we can help:

  • The document is in your native language or you can show proficiency in the language.
  • It is clear to us that you have been assisted by a professional adviser overseas.

If we are unable to establish the central issue that you are fully understand the contents and effects of the document which you are signing, our Notary will refuse to verify your signature on the document because by doing so, it will be implied that you have demonstrated your understanding to us or that the Notary is conversant in the foreign language and has explained its contents to you.    If you do not have an understanding of the contents of a foreign language document which you have been asked to have notarised, please obtain a professional translation of it.    We can arrange this if necessary. Often clients are asked to provide a ‘sworn’ or ‘certified translation.    This is usually where the receiving jurisdiction has an official translating service provided by an organ of the state.   Such circumstances do not exist in the UK and the next best thing is for a Notary to certify that a translation has been professionally undertaken.    We can help clients with this requirement. 

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